How do I know my foundation repair contractor has installed the best product to permanently repair my problem?

Confirm that your contractor’s product complies with the International Building Code and has been evaluated and approved by the International Code Council (ICC-ES)

How do I know the repair was designed correctly?

The state of North Carolina regulates the licensing of professional engineers, thereby insuring that required repair design meets all minimum engineering standards.

How do I know the repair was installed correctly and with the products specified in the contract?

All foundation repair work must be approved by the local Building Code authority i.e. a building permit must be issued and completed to the satisfaction of the permitting authority. Request confirmation of such information from the assigned building inspector and ensure product specifications are written into your contract with the contractor.

What kind of warranty is typical in the foundation repair industry?

There are product manufacturer warranties and contractor warranties that vary on a case by case basis. The warranty of each is set by the manufacturer and contractor, respectively.

Where can I go to file a complaint against a foundation repair contractor?

You should contact the local building code office who issued the permit and also contact FRANC.

If one area of my foundation requires repair, will other areas of my foundation eventually require repair?

Ask the consulting/designing engineer. There are many variables as to why the foundation requires repair.

Are licensed general contractors authorized to repair foundations without a professional engineer’s design?

In most cases the answer is no, except in the case of replacing like for like.